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About 5-minute walk from Toyocho Station, there is Tonari, famous for tanmen (Chinese noodles).


About 5-minute walk from Toyocho Station, there is Tonari, famous for tanmen (Chinese noodles).

On holidays, many customers come from afar just to eat ramen at Tonari.

There weren’t as many people because of the rain.

I actually took the last seat! Lucky me!

Only counter-seats are available.

Buy a meal ticket at the ticketing vending machine first.

Tanmen ¥720
Tanmen + Gyoza (Tangyo) ¥880
Tanmen + Karaage (Tankara) ¥880

Tangyo is popular but we chose karaage.

Water is self-served.

You can see the people making ramen over the counter. It makes me happy.

Tanmen is so healthy. It contains a day worth of vegetables. 350g and 10 different kinds!

Right before the ramen is served, you are asked if you want ginger or not.

You absolutely need ginger!!

Ginger is placed on the side, and you mix it with the soup in your own pace.

---must try!!

5 minutes later… finally the ramen arrived!

You can’t see the noodles yet.

Take a sip of the soup first. This is the taste!! The fried veggies are merged in the soup. Scrumptious!

The noodle is curly and thick. This noodle is what makes the soup stand out.

Finally the noodles!

The firm taste of the soup and the thick noodles would certainly catch a man’s heart through his stomach.

Karaage is also very tasty. You can taste the garlic too!

It’s so soft and juicy!

Gyoza is also delicious, but karaage is worth trying.

The restaurant is a homely atmosphere, it makes you feel comfortable.

I didn’t know until recently that such a delicious ramen existed in Toyocho.

By all means, don’t miss one of the best ramens in Japan.

3-24-18 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo
463m from Toyocho Station
No Holidays



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