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“Ookamado-meshi Torafuku” is the place I recommend when you are keen on delicious seafood set menu. The easiness for a woman to visit by herself is also encourages their popularity.


“Ookamado-meshi Torafuku” is the place I recommend when you are keen on delicious seafood set menu. The easiness for a woman to visit by herself is also encourages their popularity. It locates at 7th floor of Lumine, Shinjuku.

Today’s menu

What is specialty at this restaurant is, three different rice cooked by huge “tetsugama”, iron pod. They serves original polished rice, mixed grains rice, and “Today’s Takikomi Gohan”. Takikomi Gohan is rice seasoned with soy sauce and boiled with meat or seafood, and other savory vegetables. It is a popular home-dish in Japan.

Today’s Takikomi Gohan is “Rice with ginger and asari clam”

In addition, there are three different kinds of side menus. You can have those side dishes and rice as much as you like. All you need to do is just bring your bowl and ask for another one!!

Gourd pickles and Japanese cooked soybeans

Ginger seasoned boiled eggplants (This is my favorite! I had another plate of this! )

I ordered “mackerel Bunka-boshi” set menu. Bunka-boshi is a Japanese traditional way of drying and keeping fish by wrapping in cellophanes.

Set menu with 3 side bowl and rice are substantial.

I chose today’s Takikomi Gohan with giner and asari clam for the first bowl. There are many asari clams in it and they create perfect balance with ginger! It was moreish.

Perfectly grilled mackerel bunka-boshi

Mackerel put on fat and makes it easier to pick off one bit by chopsticks. Grated white radish goes well with mackerel too♪
Anyways, every dishes match with rice very well, and made me have another bowl of rice. (I ordered asari clam takikomi gohan again)
Futhermore, I had second plates of eggplant as well♪
The staff working at the restaurant welcomed me to have second bowl and I felt very confortable to ask another.

Inside of the restaurant are very opened and have enough spaces between each table. I thought it is a nice atmosphere for a woman who comes by herself to have meal.
If it isn’t the busy time, you could stay there by reading a book or playing with smartphones with a cup of coffee.

People working there would not rush you to leave as soon as you finished your meal.
I will put additional points for this restaurant regarding their openness and clam atmosphere.

All dishes are just delicious and made me overeat, but I was 120% satisfied at this Japanese restaurant.

7th Floor Lumine, 1-1-5 NishiShinjuku, Shinjukuku, Tokyo
1min walk from south gate of JR Shinjuku sta
Irregular holidays
Japanese set meal



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