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I didn’t want to tell anyone but this amazing okonomiyaki shop in Ebisu has just what you are looking for!


I didn’t want to tell anyone but this amazing okonomiyaki shop in Ebisu has just what you are looking for!

This is the entrance. For some reason…cabbage is at the entrance to welcome you.

It’s a bit of a walk from the station, but Imari is definitely worth going.
Only counter seats available. But this is what makes your okonomiyaki experience unique. Imari offers a classy but a relaxing atmosphere for you to enjoy the food.

The guy in the picture is running the shop by himself. But he is so efficient!

Even at the busiest time, he never fails to give the best service to his customers.

Let me start with a cup of beer. Cheers!

Asazuke (traditional Japanese pickles) was served as an appetizer and chose the menu while eating it.

I ordered the recommended Imari-set, which consists of 5 different types – this set has all the good ones. If it’s your first time here, you should definitely get this set!

“Sujipon” arrived first.

Sujipon comes from “suji” which means beef tendon and “pon”, ponzu. This is simple meal: beef tendon with ponzu sauce. Ponzu sauce makes it light and it definitely goes well with alcohol!

Next is Agosuji with stir-fried garlic.

Garlic bud goes well with garlic bud.

The taste of each ingredient blends in to give a unique flavor it. It was so good that I almost ordered another plate of this.

The third dish: tonpeiyaki

The amount of the meat was impressive! The sauce that came along was spicy and delicious.

AND finally, the main dish arrived: Okan-negi (negiyaki/green onion pancake)

You can’t go home without eating this!

From the very first time I came here, I have become a fan of Okan-negi.

The taste reminded me of negiyaki in Kansai (it’s originally from Kansai area).

Negiyaki has a lot of leeks and the beef tendon stew is hidden in it.
Because negiyaki is made with little to no power, it is healthy but also filling.

Last but not least, the okonomiyaki.

The veggies make the okonomiyaki so fluffy. This is one of my favorites!

Whatever you choose to eat, you will have the best experience.

If you like alcohol, especially shochu, try “Mogura-rock” - It’s a very delicious Imo-Shochu.

I was amazed by all the wonderful food as well as the services.


2-3-11 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
398m from Ebisu station
18:00~24:00※sometimes luch time open.
No Holidays
Lunch ¥1000~¥1999/Dinner ¥3000~¥3999



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