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gelato pique

Fluffy, Smooth, Colorful, Fashionable..We Love "gelato pique"♡ Pajamas of gelato pique are widely loved by girls, mothers, babies, and even boys! Why don't you get one for yourself or someone you love?


Girls Want to Dress Kawaii♡


How do you dress at home?
Well, I wear old T-shirt, and sweat pants..
This kind of girls started to dress so pretty with pajamas of "gelato pique".
The brand "gelato pique" started to become famous a few years ago.
But their popularity spread all around Japan.
The parent company of gelato pique is also famous for "Snidel", "Cosme Kitchen", and "Lily Brown".
So, surely they know what girls love♡ Let's look into gelato pique!

Fluffy, Smooth, Colorful, Fashionable..We Love "gelato pique"♡


Fluffy Winter Pajamas♡
¥7,000 to ¥10,000


Spring and Autumn Pajamas♡
¥6,000 to ¥9,000


Light Summer Pajamas♡
¥5,000 to ¥7,000
It is popular to buy pajamas of jelato pique by herself, but also becoming as a gift for girlfriend and boyfriend.
Because of the quality, cuteness, and right prices for gift, giving gelato pique is favored♡

jelato pique for Boys Too!


Girls likes to dress their boy friend.haha♡
jelato pique also has wear for men.
One of my guy friend gave pajamas from gelato pique to his best friend!
Good choice, huh?


Of course, there are pair look pajamas!♡
I long to wear one of those with my boyfriend too!hehe
Why don't you get one for someone you love as a gift?

Baby Wear Are so Sweet♡



Look at this tiny, fluffy baby wear..
I was smiling and letting out the sign of happiness when I was shopping baby wear at gelato pique.
They are the best gift for baby gift♡
Who doesn't like baby wear from gelato pique?

pique 9

Did you like it?
Items at gelato pique are widely loved by girls, boys, mum, and baby!
They are not cheap, but definitely become a special gift for someone you love.
There are two stores in Shinjuku. One in LUMINE2 and one in LUMINE EST.
Check out♡

gelato pique
2nd Floor LUMINE Shinjuku2, 3-38-2, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
2 minute walk from Shinjuku Station
No Holiday



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