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The famous restaurant is known for its luxurious yet reasonable sushi.It is a bit inconvenient to go on train, but super easy if you take the bus!


Big and reasonable! Edomae Tokyo taste in the Shitamachi!


If you happen to be in Sunamachi, in east Koto-ku, remember the name.

The famous restaurant is known for its luxurious yet reasonable sushi.

It is a bit inconvenient to go on train, but super easy if you take the bus!

Get off at Nishi-ojima station on the Toei Shinjuku Line. Take the A4 exit and turn right at the crossroad. You will immediately see a bus stop.
Take one of these buses:
N.28 Bound for Kasaihashi
N.07 Bound for Monzen-Nakacho
N.29 Bound for Nishi-Kasai
N.29 Bound for Ngisa New Town

For any of the buses, get off at Kitasa Nichome. Walk towards the right and you will arrive at the restaurant right away.

You won’t miss it, as there is always a big waiting line.

I got there at 10:40, 20 minutes before the opening hour and there is already a big line!


It must have been over 20 people.


I think we’ve all got our eye on the Nadeshiko set, limited to 30 servings a day.
The set includes ten pieces of sushi and is only \756!

While we’re waiting in line, the staff brings us a number card for those who want this set.

I got my number! Only thirteen sets left.

After an hour of wait…

I made it in. Finally!

The two-story restaurant has a counter on the first floor and another counter and tables on the second.

I was taken to the counter on the second floor.


It looks like everyone is happy.


“I’m so full!”
I hear people say from all around.

I’m siting here thinking… is it that big?

And here it is!


It’s a lot!

Could this gorgeous plate of sushi really be under ¥1,000?!

I sat there amazed.

The shari (rice part) is pretty big. Edomae style!

I am first going to have Katsuo (bonito) with a little soy sauce.




The neta (fish part) is quite substantial too!

The wasabi and ginger flavors take away the raw smell of the fish. The mild taste is delicious.

The sushi are all big with meaty neta.
Truly unbelievable for the price!

I nibble some gari (ginger slices) and eat the sushi.

What a luxurious lunch!


I soon became too full and hat to leave over the shari for some of them.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Edomae Tokyo style sushi. The miso soup with aosa seaweed that came with the dish was very good, too.

Taisho! The bill please!!


“Is this really the price?”
I asked the Taisho.

And he replied:
“I just want all the customers to enjoy the meal!”


His smile showed that he genuinely cares about the customers.

In addition to the delicious sushi, the Taisho’s personality is probably why the restaurant has so many loyal fans.

Other than sushi, the restaurant has little dishes that go well with alcoholic beverages. It’s also a good place to come to have sake.

My next visit will be for dinner!

You might also want to stop by Sunamachi Ginza Shotengai Shopping Street, right by the restaurant.


This fun little local street is filled with shops to buy fresh snacks that you can also take back. You can meet some friendly locals and get a feel of the neighborhood.

Well, I left the sushi restaurant full, but couldn’t resist one last yakitori.


Both my heart and belly are satisfied from this wonderful lunch.


4-1-13 Kitasuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo
bus from Nishi-ojima station
Wednesday & 2 irregular holidays/month
lunch ¥1,000~¥1,999 / dinner ¥2,000~¥2,999



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