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Meguro Saury Festival

Meguro Saury festival reached 20th anniversary in 2015! Over 6,000 of fresh pacific saury from Iwate port, and cheerful Japanese staffs are waiting for you to a serve beautifully grilled saury! There are over 20,000 people make a huge queue every year. Why don't you join?!


Get a Pacific Saury in Season for Free♡



Do you eat Saury in your country?
If you haven't try it before, here is the best tip to experience both Japanese festival and a delicious saury in season!
Pacific saury is one of the most eaten fish in Japan, especially in Autumn.



The term "Saury of Meguro" is took over over 200 years ago, in Edo period.
Over 6,000 of pacific sauries are sent directly from Iwate prefecture (North part of Japan) for this festival!

The best part of this festival is you can get a free grilled saury in front of Meguro station.





Look at that! Meguro Saury festival is going to be 20th this year(2015), and there are over 20,000 people lining up and enjoy saucy every year.
The festival starts at 10am, but a lot of people make a huge queue from early in the morning.
If you want to taste a free pacific saury for sure, I suggest you to go in the morning.
If you missed the good timing, you need to line for 3 to 5 hours!!Crazy, huh?haha
Waits hours to get one free saury sounds a bit crazy, but this happens every year!
There must be charms of this festival that we could not get from internet!



The festival is divided into 4 section.
Festival itself goes from 10:00am till 14:00pm.
The staffs at the festival will hand saury ticket
1st 9:00~/2nd 10:30~/3rd 12:00~/4th 13:30~

More details are written in below.

So, if you can get a saury ticket, you are ready to enjoy pacific saury!yay♡
It must be still humid in Tokyo in September, please do not forget to drink water once in a while♡
Most importantly, enjoy Meguro Saury Festival!

Meguro Saury Festival
Shinagawa, Meguro Area
2 Kami-oosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
1 minute walk from Meguro station
6th September 2015



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