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On the Takanawa side of Shinagawa station, in this hotel concentrated area, stands a rare izakaya, Yompachigyojou.Why don’t you try out this izakaya for an authentic Japanese tavern experience, instead of going to the usual hotel restaurant?


Fish delivered everyday directly from the fisherman! Enjoy fresh fish to your heart’s content!

On the Takanawa side of Shinagawa station, in this hotel concentrated area, stands a rare izakaya, Yompachigyojou.

Why don’t you try out this izakaya for an authentic Japanese tavern experience, instead of going to the usual hotel restaurant?


Fresh fish is delivered everyday from the fishermen.

The restaurant is always packed with customers.


You will need to make a reservation a few days in advance to guarantee a spot (I learned it the hard way…)

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very energetic. I really like how the staff are dressed in Jinbei, a traditional summer outfit. How charming!


As usual, the tables were full this day. We were taken to the seats by the counter.

I might even actually prefer the counter seats. You can see the staff prepare the food from here!


We order drinks, and the waiter brings us the fresh fish of the day.


It’s nice how you can order what you want, after being informed on where the fish is from, and how it will be served.

We decided to order oyster, karei (righteye flounder) and anago eel from the recommended selection.

As we’re looking at the menu, the amuse-bouche is served!


Grilled silver-stripe round herring and octopus. This is their typical hors-d’oeuvre.

Don’t let the seafood stay on the brazier for too long, or they will become too stiff.
The octopus is tender but nice and chewy. Yum!

Next is, today’s special, oysters!


They look so beautiful… it’s almost a shame to have to eat them. But here I go!




I find it lacks a bit in the distinct sea flavor that I like, but the creaminess covers for it. I’m sooo excited!

I still hadn’t recovered from my amazement when the next dish arrived!

Just look at this masterpiece!!


An assortment of tuna, kampachi (greater amberjack), tai (red snapper), octopus etc.… gorgeous!

The crunchy texture of the kampachi is excellent!

I’m already on to my second drink. The delicious food makes the drinks go down faster.

Next up is the karei, boiled in soy-base sauce, and anago tempura!



The fatty karei is not overly seasoned, allowing the fish to show its original and natural taste.

How I would love a bowl of rice with this!

The anago tempura is light and crispy on the outside and firm on the inside. The small fish bones (edible) did bother me a tiny bit, but there’s no denying that fresh tempura is the best!

After the slightly greasy tempura, my mouth is calling out for something refreshing.

The oshinko pickles couldn’t arrive at a better timing!


The fish-shaped plate is cute

Now that I feel completely refreshed, it’s time for tamagoyaki (rolled omelet).


It looks quite big and filling!

Lots of negi leek to add an accent to the salty-sweet omelet.

I’m already quite full, but an interesting menu catches my eye.

Nori chips?

Nori, the seaweed…?
Fried seaweed…??


I need to find out what this is all about… I immediately order this intriguing dish.


Hmm… not quite sure how I feel about the way it looks.

Well, no harm in trying, I guess.

Wait. It’s surprisingly good!!

The nori is fried in tempura batter. The savory tempura taste and sea flavor create a perfect harmony in my mouth. Delicious!

It’s the perfect snack to nibble while having beer or sake.

I’m very happy about this new discovery!

I did want to have dessert too, but my stomach was telling me to stop there…

I had an extremely satisfying meal!

When I visited on another day, I ordered Tsubugai (whelp) Garlic Butter, scallop fried in garlic butter.


The escargot-like dish is great with a glass of wine. It’s one o this most popular dishes.

For dessert, I recommend their pudding. The combination of the caramel coating flavor and the smooth texture of the pudding is exquisite!


You definitely want to order it if this is your kind of dessert!

Thank you for the wonderful time. I will be back!


3-25-23 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
3 min walk from Shinagawa station
Mon-Fri 17:00~24:00 (L.O.23:00)
Sat/Sun/Holiday 16:00~24:00
No Holidays



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