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Why don't you refresh with delicious vegetables and shabu-shabu at Yasaiya Mei? Their vegetables are straight delivered from organic farmers. Your tummy and body definitely gets so happy with dish, and of course, it's very tasty.


Delicious Vegetables Grown with Affection of Farmers


We visited "Yasaiya Mei" (Vegetable House Mei) for today's lunch.
It is located in Azabu shopping street.
Please keep walking along Azabu shopping street for 5 minutes, passing through Starbucks and famous "Azabu Karinto" shop.
This restaurant, Mei is placed in basement floor. You will find this signboard, decolated with vegetables.


Awwww... How nostalgic is that♡
We have water Yo-yo at summer festival. It looks very cute with vegetables too.
I am looking forward to stepping inside

Vegetable Store × Farm × Traditional Interior



There are a lot of fresh and colorful vegetables everywhere inside!
It looks just like a fruit and vegetable shop.
Inside of the restaurant is very cozy with Japanese taste interior.

Wooden tables and chairs, and menu signs are just like being in traditional Japanese restaurant.
As you can see in the picture, there is a wine seller in the back too!
We visit at 1pm, and it was full of people, enjoying their beautiful vegetables. Surprisingly, most of the customer were people from overseas♡

Menus with Selected Vegetables in Season


I wanted to have fresh vegetables since I have been eating a lot of junk food these days.haha
Mei is the best spot for me, and I was so grateful to have lunch here.
We sat on counter table surrounded a big kitchen. There are so many kinds of vegetables. I saw some of the vegetables which I saw for the first time!

My choice was "Bagna cauda".
Look at the beautifully grown, fresh vegetables and Bagna cauda sauce♡
I am not a huge fun of vegetables (I prefer beef and fish usually), but this menu was more than I expected.
All the vegetables are just cut, without any seasonings.
They were set in a big bowl of ice, so that you can enjoy cold Bagna caudal in summer too.


This is the sauce for Bagna cauda. This sauce was kept warm by a fire underneath.
I loved this sauce so much! I could not even eat this much of vegetables without the sauce!
Fresh olive oil, anchovy and garlic.. there must be other ingredients, but I could not make guess.

Vegetable Tempura topped on COLD Rice?!


My friend ordered Cold Vegetable Donburi (A bowl of rice topped vegetable tempura).
We could not even imagine how they serve this dish, it was very interesting!
Look at the beautiful vegetable tempura♡
The good thing is, you don't feel guilty having fried food, because they are vegetables!


This dish came with miso soup, two sided dish, and pickles, and Tororo(Grated yam).
Staff at the shop advised us to put grated yam from the top on tempura.
The taste was just amazing!
Softly sweet vegetable tempura, grated yam that has a bit of saltiness, and cold white rice♡

Yasaiya Mei also have wagyu beef Japanese set menus, Tonkatsu set menu(deep fried pork) as well.
You can have amazing vegetables and quality meat at the same time!
Mei's special dish is "Shabu-shabu with vegetables", I definitely try that next time!

I felt I could be a lot healthier after the lunch at Yasaiya Mei♡
You may eat a lot while you are traveling in Japan, so why don't you refresh at Yasaiya Mei?
Thank you for reading♡

B1 Cartbran Azabu-juban, 1-5-18, azabu-juban, Minato-ku,Tokyo
5 minute from Azabujuban Station
Lunch 11:30~15:00(L.O14:45) / Dinner 17:30~23:30(L.O22:30)
No holidays
Shabu-shabu, Donburi, Japanese set meal
lunch ¥2,000~¥3,999 / dinner ¥5,000~¥5,999



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