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RAKUMAN Croquette

Rakuman Croquette is a famous bento shop, speciality of juicy, just fired croquette and their seasoned rice. This shop is picked up on the gourmet TV show, and has huge reputation. It takes 7 minutes walk from the station, but it totally worth it♡


Televised for 22 times! A Croquette Speciality Shop!


RAKUMAN locates along Azabu shopping street.
It takes about 7 minutes, but it is very easy to find. Please walk straight along the shopping street.
Pass through Starbucks Coffee, and you will find "Piza CONA" on the right hand side of the street.
There is a big sign board of Rakuman to turn right.
And you will find RAKUMAN in the side road.


This is the entrance. It is a bento shop, so that you cannot eat inside.
They have all sorts of hand made croquette, such as Wagyu beef, cream crab, mixed pork and beef, cheese curry and lots more!
There will be different kinds of croquette in seasons.


There is a big menu on the wall in English. This shows it is also popular among people from other countries♡

Secret of Delicious Croquette

Croquette at Rakuman doesn't contain any chemical seasoning and preservative at all.
Most of the bento has chemicals and preservative, especially at convenient stores, and supermarket in Japan.
But Rakuman cook croquette on that day, and serves "just fried" croquette for you♡

I ordered "Bread Roll with Special Croquette filling" for my lunch.
My colleague had "Today's lunch bento"! Let us comment on them♡

Sorry! You Cannot Eat other Croquette at Supermarket Anymore♡


This is only ¥410!
It has a lot of shredded cabbage, scrambled egg, and big hand-made croquette!
As you can see, they are not fit between the bread!haha


The smell of sauce and just-fried croquette makes my tummy growling!
You can actually feel chunks of potatoes and beef inside of croquette.
The taste is not strong but feels certain gentle flavor of potatoes, which reminds of me my grandmother's croquette in my childhood.

Croquette is not the Only Secret of their Popularity


Today's lunch special menu were "Traditional Wagyu croquette and Cream crab croquette" with "steamed rice seasoned with ginger and clams".
This special bento is only ¥720 too!
People think that famous restaurant in Azabu is high-priced, but that is not true!

Cream crab croquette has hot creamy filling and Zuwai crab inside.
The cream is like thick type of white strew...This was just amazing!


Steamed rice seasoned with ginger and clams was actually the hidden special dish at Rakuan.
Again, it was warm, light taste with a bit of ginger flavor.
This rice became my favorite dish at Rakuman.


Rakuman also sell croquette and seasoned rice separately.
So, you can choose your favorite croquettes (which are ¥240-¥360 each) with seasoned rice, or bread roll.

Anyway, we were all pleasured to have such a quality of food with only ¥1130 for total!
Rakeman definitely will be my spot of lunch every week♡

RAKUMAN Croquette
Stalk Azabu-juban, 1-5-26, Azabu-juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
7 minute from Azabujuban Station
No holidays



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