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From Omotesando station, walk towards Aoyama Iccho-me, turn at a stylish building and you will find the signboard of “Torimasa”.Since it is the stylish Aoyama area, the atmosphere is somewhat fancy but it is still a casual looking in the inside.


A classy yakitori restaurant to fit in the fancy Aoyama neighborhood

From Omotesando station, walk towards Aoyama Iccho-me, turn at a stylish building and you will find the signboard of “Torimasa”.


I arrived there at about ten minutes to 12 pm, and the restaurant was already 80% full. Luckily, the counter seats weren’t fully taken yet, so I got in without waiting. Since it is the stylish Aoyama area, the atmosphere is somewhat fancy but it is still a casual looking in the inside.

Supervised by the owner

As I got in the restaurant, I was a bit overwhelmed when the owner came rushing to take my order and speedily make instructions. I did not imagine the owner being right at the entrance and directing the place so visibly.
The restaurant is rather small, only ten counter seats and two table seats. I felt that the atmosphere was a bit restless, but the owner was obviously competent and everything seemed to carry smoothly.


A glass of water along with pickles, wet towel and chopsticks were placed in front of me right away. I sat at the counter and just observed the chefs preparing the food on the other side.



The yakitori sauce, sansho (Japanese pepper) and shichimi pepper were in colorful containers. I tried the glossy looking sauce. Not to strong, not to faint, a nice mild sauce of a long establish restaurant.

A big Yakitori-don like never before

From the back of the counter, I was passed a clear soup with lots of wakame (seaweed) and negi (Japanese onion). The wakame is large. The soup doesn’t have a strong distinct flavor but will be a good match with yakitori.


Then came the big bowl. It’s as big as my face. Huge chunks of yakitori on top of rice!!


The yakitori include negi maki (negi wraps), skin-less, bone-less and fat-less chicken thigh meat, briefly boiled chicken breast with wasabi sauce, liver and tsukune (chicken meatloaf). All the pieces are really big!!! It looks delicious.


By the time it passed 12 pm, customers started flooding in and the restaurant was quickly completely filled. One thing that noticed is that there is practically no space between the other customers at the counter seats. So, it’s not a place to quietly sit and relax but rather a place to concentrate on eating and then leave when you are done.


Look how big the negi is too! Very satisfying.

“Girl” and “Boy” portions of rice

The rice is topped with thinly sliced nori (dried seaweed), and comes in two portions: “Onna-mori” (lady portion) and “Otoko-mori”(gentleman portion). If you don’t specify otherwise, you will be served according to your gender. Girls with a big appetite, make sure you let them know you want the “boy” portion!


The tsukune is big and juicy. I can’t put my rice bowl down!


The liver doesn’t have that unique smell, as it has probably been prepared in some sauce. Also, when they take your order, they will ask you if you want liver or not. Don’t hesitate to tell them if you feel uneasy! They will give you something else instead.


Like I said before, the restaurant is rather small, so be carful not to bump into anything or anyone when you walk around.

I consider myself a pretty big eater, but the “Onna-mori” was plenty for me. The yakitori itself is very substantial and satisfying. I give it an A+ for quantity.


The cash register is at the entrance and the owner takes care of the payments.
The restaurant is apparently popular among celebrities as well. You might run in to somebody if you’re lucky!
On lunch hours, they offer Yakitori-don, Yakitori-teishoku (set meal) and Ramen + Mini Yakitori-don. I wouldn’t say the yakitori is exceptional, but if you feel like eating a big amount of yakitori (I’ve never seen such big chicken pieces anywhere else!) in a stylish neighborhood, this is your go-to place.

1st floor of Yamakawa Building, 3-13-2 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
3 min walk from Omotesando station
Mon-Fri 11:30~14:00, 17:00~23:00, Sat & Sun & Holidays 17:00~22:00
No Holidays
Yakitori , izakaya , japanese set meal
lunch ¥1000~¥1999 / dinner ¥6,000~¥7,999



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