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Monja-yaki IROHA

IROHA is one of the famous store among Tsukishima Monja-street. A lot of people visit Tsukishima to experience the home taste of Monja-yaki. Enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere and delicious monja-yaki at IROHA♡ Definitely will be your memorial night in Tokyo.


Monja Street @ TSUKIHSIMA


Hello! This topic introduce you "Monja-Yaki", a Japanese traditional meal since Edo period.
It contains flour, cabbage and vegetables as a base, and you can add seafood, meat, and anything you like!


Tsukishima and Asakusa are two area that is famous for Monja-Yaki.
We visit Tsukishima Monja-street which has 75 monja-jaki restaurants along the street!


This is the menu of Monja-yaki IROHA.
There are about 30 kinds of monja-yaki (they have different topping and taste base) and 15 kinds of Okonomiyaki (Japanese savoy pancake).
Also, you can have salad, grilled vegetables, dessert, ice cones too!

IROHA is one of the most popular monja-yaki restaurant in Tsukishima.
We reserved the seats 5 days earlier! I recommend you to book IROHA!


We found Monja-yaki instruction inside of the menu.
It was my first time to have monja-yaki at a restaurant, so don't worry about self-cooking style!
Stuffs at the restaurant will be pleased to help you!

Let's Cook MONJA♡


Please read "How to Cook Monja-yaki♡" in Special contents of TOKYO STORY.

To start with, monja will be served in a bowl like this.
We ordered "cheese mochi and cod roe monja" as a starter.


Just put ingredients on the pan and stir fly for 5 minutes with the two monja spatulas, like this.
Hmmm,,, smells so good.

Next, you need to make a big circle(called "dote") with ingredients, like this.


And put the rest of the liquid into the circle!


If you aren't good at making a good circle, the liquid flows over the pan.
Try to keep it inside the circle♡
But it's okay and still tastes good even if you fail.
Keep it them cook on the pan for 3 minutes


After a few minutes, it's time to mix them all!
By using monja spatulas, stir fry them on the pan for 2 minutes.


Leave them for a minute, and finally, you it's time to have delicious Monja-yaki with a small monja spatula♡

The flavor of the cheese and spicy cod roe and the texture of mochi was amazingly goes well with monja-yaki.
I love monja-yaki a lot more than Okonomiyaki because monja-yaki has more mild but strong taste and the texture is like a thick curry.

Let's Cook Okonomiyaki♡


Most of the Japanese food lovers have had Okonomiyaki before, but what about cooking by yourself?


Mix the ingredients inside of the bowl.. and cook on the pan!
It's suer easy than Monja-yaki.


Put Okonomiyaki source, mayonnaise, seaweed powder, and dried bonito on the top♡


The highlight of Monja-yaki and Okonomiyaki is that you can share with people.
Cooking together and eating together gives you more fun!!

Tsukishima Monja street has particular nostalgia of Japan.
There are always people enjoying Monja-yaki and Okonomiyaki with a cup of sake♡

Monja-yaki IROHA
2nd Floor, San Granba building, 3-4-5, Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
5 min walk from Tsukishima station, exit 8
No holiday
Lunch:¥1,000~¥1,999 / Dinner:¥2,000~¥2,999



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