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I’ve keen on going “Monja Himezen” for a long time since I watched a TV show called “Onegai! Ranking” which is a Japanese famous show introducing popular restaurants.


I’ve keen on going “Monja Himezen” for a long time since I watched a TV show called “Onegai! Ranking” which is a Japanese famous show introducing popular restaurants. Famous comedian Kasuga Toshiaki, Wakabayashi Masayasu from “Audrey” and famous chef Kawagoe Tatsuya introduced “Himezen” last year at the show.

Finally, my wish has realized♪


Outside of the restaurant

Master of Himezen worked and trained at famous restaurant since he was 18 years old, and just opened up his own restaurant in April 2014. Monja is similar to Okonomiyaki, but much thinner than Okonomiyaki. It is like a savory pancake with various fillings such as flour, cabbage, shrimps, cheese, and squid. You can put whatever you like.

Popular menus are “Kuro Curry Monja (Black Curry Monja)” which contains beef gristle and squid ink. And “Char siu-men Monja(noodles with roasted pork fillet Monja)”.
They also have “Girolamo Monja” which is a Italian style Monja named after famous Italian soccer player and also a Japanese entertainer, Girolamo♪ Their popularity comes from their creative cuisines.


Neat and pretty inside

I ordered “Black Curry Monja” and “Girolamo Monja” this time.


A variety of menu

Woooooow. So this is the “Black curry Monja”!!! Well, the color of it does not looks delicious, haha but let’s try!!


Cheese toping on Black curry Monja

I was brought up in an old traditional town and used to cook Monja since I was little. So I cooked Monja by myself instead of the master. Lol
The only difference is, maybe the color. The gray color dish visually does not work up my appetite. I put tons of cheese on top to look nicer. It melted deliciously♪


Cooked Black Curry Monja

The reason why they named it “Black Curry” is that squid ink makes it black. Well, it actually looks gray though.


Let’s try!!

Wow, this is amazing!! It is delicious as it says cheese curry, it cannot taste bad♪
The gray color did not looks good, but the taste of squid ink wasn’t that heavy. It worked well as secret ingredient. Yea, it actually tastes good.
The next one is “Girolamo Monja”.


Very Italian ingredient monja

It looks beautiful with colorful ingredients, but what about the taste? A staff was about to cook monja at my next table.


Hot restaurant worker

I also cooked “Girolamo Monja” by myself and competed with the staff at next table♪ Ingredients are very Italian, such as tomatos, bacons, and mushrooms! And put tons on cheese on top again♪ He praised me saying “that looks good♪” and made me blush. Haha


Cooked Girolamo monja

It cannot taste bad. But it went above my imagination. Just cooked hot Monja pizza brought me to heaven♪ Especially cheese lovers would not contain theirs for happiness! Oh my, love it♪


Unzen Ham purchased from Nagawaki

I was already full but ordered Unzen Ham as they recommended!
It was a valuable experience since Unzen Ham is rare and hard to get in Tokyo. It went into another stomach! Haha

Himezen serves you a variety of Monja with enjoyment. Master’s recommendation is “Monja-Ten” which has a simple monja base and toped with avocado, raw prawns and cheese.
The melted cheese catches rich avocados and fresh raw prawns very well and their combination matches beautifully. Also “Okoge” which is a nicely burnt part on bottom is moreish. A lot of seafood ingredients are purchased from Tsukiji fish market, which is the most famous fish market in Japan. That’s why they also recommend seafood style monja and Teppanyaki.

I am sure that they will produce other creative, original monja from now on too♪ I will keep eyes on them!

3-7-1 Tsukishima, Chuoku, Tokyo
6min walk from Tsukishima sta
No Holidays



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