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Today I visited “Maihama” in Shinbashi. Maihama is picked up in many gourmet magazines and highly rated by gourmet writers.


Today I visited “Maihama” in Shinbashi. Maihama is picked up in many gourmet magazines and highly rated by gourmet writers.

I was confident with the geography in Shinbashi because I used to work for 8 years in Shinbashi, and went out to drink quite often.
It might be a bit difficult to find Maihama for people who are new to Shinbashi.

A couple of men who were walking in front of me from Shinbashi station went to… “Maihama” too!!! What a coincidence!

It opens at 11:30 but it was already full inside! It must have opened a little earlier. A lot of polystyrene foam piled up at the entrance is the sign of Maihama.


The entrance

I waited a few minutes to be seated to share a table with other customer inside.


Simple menus

I ordered “salmon lunch set menu” to a cheerful lady at the restaurant.
They tell every customer how long it is going to take because it gets very busy in lunchtime!!
You cannot stay there after you finished your meal. They will take away your plates and bring your check, which is the sign of “please open your seat”.
They were telling some customers who did not recognize their sign to leave the restaurant.


The busiest lunchtime

My salmon lunch set came in front of me after several minutes.


How big is that!

The quantity of the set lunch was more than I expected. Look at the salmon! The side menu, white radish is also huge. And each pieces of sashimi, sliced raw fish, were also big.


It makes me trouble to chose what to start

I started with boiled white radish seasoned with Japanese style. It was well soaked and delicious. The salmon was big, and put on some fat. It took for a while to finish it.


Salmon with excellent fat

I was amazed by its sweetness of fish fat, since I love salmon♪
It didn’t have to be chewed but melted inside my mouth. Put some wasabi on to enjoy its chili with flavorsome salmon.


“Chawanmuchi” pot-steamed hotchpotch

Chawanmushi, is a Japanese traditional dish which is a savory steamed egg custard with assorted ingredients such as mushrooms, prawns, and other vegetables.
The piping Chawanmushi came with a lot of ingredients inside!! Their popularity is the perfect dishes even in the busiest lunchtime.


Miso soup with a lot of ingredients

The miso soup is full of white radish, tofu, and sliced deep-fried tofu inside. Each dish tasted very good and made me happy♪


The popular mackerel cooked with miso

My friend ordered the most popular menu at the restaurant, cooked mackerel with miso seasoning. I took a bite to try, and I understood why it’s popular. The mackerel catches miso very well and matches with rice.


Long queue

When we were about to finish, they asked us to leave the restaurant…lol
We hurried to finish, and left the restaurant as soon as possible.

The queue still goes on, showing how popular “Maihama” is.
I would love to commute here every lunch time, because of the high quality and great quantity of lunch with ¥1000 meal.

Karasumori-mizusawa building, 3-10-6 Shinbashi, Minatoku, Tokyo
3 min walk from Shinbashi station
11:30~14:00 and 17:00~25:00
Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays
Japanese set meal,Izakaya(Japanese-style bar)
Lunch ¥1000~¥1999/Dinner ¥6000~¥7999



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