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JOUMON Roppongi

I was surprised how popular JOUMON is among people from overseas. JOUMON has stylish Japanese interior and atmosphere inside, and cheerful staffs! Most importantly, their Yakitori and Kushi dish (grilled vegetables, meat, cheese, and fish) are just Amazing♡


The Well-Known Japanese Stylish Izakaya among People from Overseas♡

We stepped into Japanese Izakaya in Roppongi tonight.
It locates on the left hand side of "Imo-Arai-Zaka", about 5 minutes walk from Roppongi station.
There are a lot of fashionable Izakaya along this street, but Joumon is one of the most popular one among people from different countries♡

You will Realize their Popularity Once You Entered Inside♡


This is the entrance of Izakaya.
This Izakaya opens the door of window side table. It must be so refreshing to enjoy chatting over the beer!
Let's go inside!


I reserved a seat today.
Since Joumon is a very popular spot, I recommend you to book a table before at least 2 or 3 days advance.
They wrote me "Welcome to Joumon! Please have a great time." in Japanese.
People sitting next both tables were a group of people from overseas.
The message and menus for them was written in English.
This is why Joumon is loved by people regardless of countries.


There are table seats, Japanese tatami mat seats, counter seats, and window side seats.
You are probably able to choose the seats you like when you reserve by phone.


Let's Start Refreshing Nomi-Kai with Amazing Food♡

There are wall of Japanese Sake piled up!! It was overwhelming!


Yay! Ready for drink♡ This is Japanese style of "Nomi-kai(drink after work)".


I'll tell you what. This is the most amazing "Goma-Doufu" (sesame tofu) I've ever eaten♡
We loved this dish so much and ended up to order another bowl of it.
It is totally different from normal tofu. It has jiggly texture like pudding, and sticky texture like ice cream♡

Taste is slightly sweet with sesame flavor and has rich flavor of tofu.
Tofu is considered to be very healthy too, how nice dish is this!


There you are♡
This is Kushi-yaki dish. They have over 50 kinds of Kushi-yaki dish on the menu.
We ordered avocado, pork belly with perilla leaf to start.
They are well seasoned, with a bit of salt and pepper.


This is mozzarella cheese Kushi-yaki.
This is my first time to have grilled mozzarella kushi-yaki!
It was oh-so delicious♡ Mozzarella stretched so much, and the taste was so rich!


Cod-raw with Nori paper♡
A group of people from overseas also ordered cod-raw and screaming "Oh, my. This is good!"
So, we ordered it to try!haha


This is "Sukiyaki Yakitori". I have never seen Sukiyaki styled yakitori before!
Sukiyaki is a fancy Japanese pod cooking, eaten as a home meal in special occasion.

Soft delicious beef, a lot of vegetables and mushrooms are cooked in one big pot, and Japanese put ingredients into raw egg.
The mild taste of egg and rich flavor of beef are the best matching♡

Of course, this Sukiyaki Yakitori was delicious as I expected!

Happiness Always Comes with A Cake♡


Suddenly, the lights turned off. "Happy birthday to you~♡"
My co-workers surprised me for my birthday!
They bought me a birthday cake from pastry shop and brought it to JOUMON.
The people at JOUMON kept cake and brought it to our table after all the food have served.
And all the customer at JOUMON sang birthday song for me! It was such a memorial night for me.

We had a great time at JOUMON with great Yakitori and drinks.
Staffs are so friendly, and helped surprise plan for us! And customers at JOUMON were all happy people!haha
Thanks for the meal♡

1F, Fujimori building, 5-9-17, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
3minute from Roppongi Station
Irregular Holidays



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