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LUSH is not a mere cosmetic brand, it is a high quality, handmade, organic cosmetics brand with too cute looking, beautiful smells and high effects! There are items sold only in Japan too! Let's visit LUSH Japan.



What bothers girls throughout of a year is, the skin care!!
Drying skin, pimples, winkles, ultraviolet....If you care about your skin, there are tons of things to do, and costs fortune to have perfect treatment.
Besides,there are so many cosmetic brand and products out there, and usually, people do not know which one is the best for them.

Let me introduce LUSH

Logo and Fresh Handmade cosmetics

As you may already know, LUSH FRESH HANDMADE COSMETICS is a world wide famous cosmetic shop origined in England.
There are over 800 stores in over 50 countries(in 2012), and still growing number.
You may have LUSH at your home too.
There are 152 stores all over Japan, and became very popular.

Hand Made Organic Cosmetics, Lady!

Lush store in Bristol

LUSH is not a mere cosmetic brand, it is a high quality, handmade, organic cosmetics and famous for againsting animal testing.
Therefore known as eco-friendly brand.


They have shampoos, hair treatment, skin scrub, moisturizer, makeups, hand cream, bath bomb... there are many kinds of products and cannot count them all!
I recall my first time when I first visit LUSH in Daikanyama, it was like a candy house, full of colorful, beautiful smell.
Japanese girls often buy their products and put on SNS, or give it as a birthday present.

When I first bought a skin cleansing at LUSH, I was surprised how one quality cosmetic product changes a girl.
The beautiful smell, and the texture of LUSH product cheered me up, and made me care about my skin more.

Why Girls are Addicted to LUSH?


Look at this♡
I think this explains why girls are so addict to LUSH.
Their shape and color definitely catches girl's heart.

About the price, it is not too expensive considering about other cosmetic brands.
200g of bath bomb is about ¥700~800, 100g of soup is ¥500~600, 300g of shampoo is about ¥2,000~3,000(depending on product).

Enjoy LUSH by Eyes, Nose, and Skin♡


Bath bomb are very popular for gift to friends!
If you do not have LUSH at home, bath bomb is a good souvenir to friends or sisters♡


Their shampoos are made with its own blend of meticulously chosen ingredients.
Don't surprise, they actually uses fresh fruit juices, sea salt, Fairly Traded honey and even bananas in liquid shampoos!!
Normally, it is hard to know what is in our own shampoos because they name difficult chemical.. That is why We Love Organic!!


LUSH also have make up cosmetics too, such as skin foundation, lip gross, eye shadows.

Made in Japan


Facial treatment products are the most popular items at LUSH.



As I mentioned earlier,LUSH has shops all over the world, but there are some limited products only in Japan.
Those products above are made in Japan, Ibaragi prefecture, where suffered from the Tohoku earthquake in 2011.
These made in Japan products are popular among foreign tourist too♡

1st floor, Ichishima-building,3−365, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
2 minute walk from Shinjuku Station
No Holiday



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