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Don Quixote Shibuya

Don Quixote Shibuya holds over 40,000 items with the lowest price you can find in Japan! Have fun, Save up money, and bring valuable items to your home country! Let me introduce some of our recommended items, popular among Japanese girls♡


Kawaii 40,000 items♡
Why Don Quixote Shibuya is so in Demand?



Don Quixote is becoming widely known as "Japanese tour spot", and surprisingly over half of the tourist from overseas shop at Don Quixote!
Don Quixote Shibuya is one of the most popular store, equals to Shinjuku , Roppongi and Ginza.



Don Quixote Shibuya has 4 floors (B1 to 3rd).
Here is a brief categories in each floor in Shibuya.(It might be changed)
B1 : Brand products, watch, variety goods, imported items
F1 : Cosmetics, Pet items, groceries, food, alcohol drinks, zakka
F2 : Home electronics, CD, phone, DVD, shoes, bags, car goods, clothes
F3 : Interior furniture, out door goods, storage furniture, bedding

Let me introduce some of the products which are popular in Japan, and especially among tourists♡
Don Quixote became popular because they have heaps of products which are only sold in Japan, in lowest price everyday.

Let's have a look!

Don't Go to the Pharmacy, Shopping at Donki is Much Cheaper!



Japanese people buy a lot at Don Quixote when they have a change to visit.
Because most of the products are set in the lowest price you can find!
So, speaking about myself, I have a long shopping list which is kept recorded for a month, and bring it to Don Quixote.
If you are going to buy a lot, it's worth taking a trouble to go Don Quixote even it's not close to your hotel.

Ferment Supplement and Drink





Let me introduce some of the popular products sold at Don Quixote.
What is so-popular among Japanese girls is "Ferment" supplement and drink.
"BELTA" is a popular ferment product in Japan because there is a rumor that models and actress are drinking ferment and that is why they can keep their shape.
Also, it is widely picked up on TV and magazines too!

スクリーンショット 2015-08-19 15.59.51


"BELTA" has been No.1 reputation at @cosme ranking (Japanese most famous beauty ranking).
It contained 165 different ferment extracted from vegetables and fruits. In addition, there are beauty ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.
For Diet, beauty, healthy and keep fit, girls are very keen on it♡

Waking Up in the Morning, and Surprise!♡ MediQtto





A lot of girls wears "MediQtto" when they go to bed.
I assume you have experienced your legs are swollen after your work.
MediQtto is a great item to break it off! Just wear them and go to bed.
Your legs become "thinner" and "lighter" in the morning!

Healing Your Eyes with Warm Aroma♡



You had a big day today. Why don't you relaxed and heal your eyes with steamed hot eye mask?
"Hot eye mask with steam" produced by Megurism is a long-hit product among Japanese office ladies.
And it's getting to be a must-buy Japanese product, especially among tourists from China.

It gets to 40 degrees instantly, and slowly heals your eyes with nice temperature and aroma fragrance.
The natural essential oils are plenty blended, and makes you sleepy♡
I recommend you to bring back home, or you can use it in air plane to cure your fatigue of trip.

Savior in Summer Season♡ "MUHI"



Japanese people loves MUHI.
It is a looooong-hit product, their history is back in 1927. And still loved and will be loved in the far-off future.
As you may know, it is a antipruritic medicine for insect bite.
There are a lot of mosquitoes in Japan in summer seasons, and MUHI become a hero for us♡
There are many kinds, such as pocket-muhi(mini version), ointment version, Hello Kitty designed muni for kids.

It feels refreshing and stop an itch. Why don't you bring "Japanese seasonal tradition" of summer?

Did you find anything you put on your shopping lists?
Don Quixote holds over 40,000 items with the lowest price you can find in Japan!
Have fun♡ Save up money♡and bring valuable items to your home country!
Thank you for your attention:) Xx

Don Quixote Shibuya
2-25-8, Dougenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
5 minute walk from Shibuya Station
10:00~ 4:30
No Holiday
Cosmetics, Drug Store,Fashion, Home electronics, Other



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