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Uomaru is one of the popular mass Izakaya in Yurakucho. It is highly ranked in gourmet website. This restaurant is full of cheerful chatting, and laughing besides of delicious food! If you want to see real Japanese Izakaya, I strongly recommend you to visit Uomaru.


Looking for Japanese Mass Sake bar, Izakaya?

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Uomaru is one of the famous Japanese Izakaya in Yurakucho.
Originally, Yurakucho is a town of business man, who enjoys sake and delicious food after work.
Therefore, there are tons of Izakaya in this area.
Because of its comfortableness, friendliness, and enjoyable atmosphere, this area is also popular among people from foreign country.

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Vigorous Izakaya in Yu-rakucho

バージョン 2

Uomaru locates along international arcade. Colourful lights and bustling atmosphere welcomes you!

バージョン 2

This is the entrance of Uomaru. A staff is cooking fish in front of the entrance.


Inside of Izakaya is very crowded, but feels comfy with the sound of people chatting, laughing and eating!
That’s why business men loves to finish up their hard working day in Izakaya.

So many menus to choose from♡

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Menus are written in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean!
This Izakaya considers people from overseas very well.
There are hundreds of menus to choose from, but most of the menus has picture on the sheet!

バージョン 2

バージョン 2

We ordered fish-salad and crab-miso paste to start.
You grill the crab by yourself. Enjoy the smell and taste!!

Mouse-Watering Fresh Seafood

バージョン 2

Next dish is flied sea urchin eggs. The two different texture of this dish, the outside is crunchy and the inside is soft, is just delicious!!

バージョン 2

We also ordered a grilled horse mackerel.
Remember? He must be just cooked in front of the entrance!
Hmmmm, the fish is very fluffy and tastes a little sweet.

バージョン 2

Look at that!! This is our main dish, gorgeous assorted sashimi.
All the sliced sashimi, and variety of seafood are shining on the plate!
Don’t forget about taking picture and put on Instagram. Haha

Uomaru has not only delicious food and drink.
They provide you power and enjoyable memory with its atmosphere and service.

2-1-1, International Arcade, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
2minute walk from Hibiya Station
Opens 24 hours everyday
No Holidays
Lunch 1000/ Dinner 3000~4000



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