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I went to a sushi restaurant near Tsukiji station called “Sashimi BAR Kashigashira”. It is a popular restaurant that has appeared on the media a number of times.


The many-time media target Tsukiji “Sashimi BAR Kashigashira”

I went to a sushi restaurant near Tsukiji station called “Sashimi BAR Kashigashira”. It is a popular restaurant that has appeared on the media a number of times.
I arrived in front of the building at 11:15 am on a weekday.




The restaurant being in the basement, I could not tell how crowded it was. I went down the stairs, nervous and excited.


I thought I would be able to get in no trouble but the restaurant was already full with six people sitting. That was unexpected!


It was such a hot day. While waiting outside, I used my fan to try to prevent from getting soaked in my own sweat.
I looked at the menu and the flyers that had previously appeared on the media. The splendid looking double layered “Tsukiji Bagai-don” is impressive, and is very reasonably priced! Only 3000 yen for this gorgeous dish. Many customers ordered the restaurant’s specialty.




After fifteen minutes of waiting, it is finally my turn to go in.


At the entrance there was a paper lantern with the restaurant logo. The staff were very efficient in guiding the customers to their seats, taking orders, bringing the food and taking care of the payments. It was pretty enjoyable just watching the people and all that was going on around me.


The restaurant has twelve seats by the counter and four tables for four. Although it seemed like a rather small place, it was pleasant to see the staff making sure of the smooth rotation: right after a group of customers had left, another group would be let in. The restaurant was constantly full.

I was placed at the very end of the counter. The space on my right was apparently used for payment. I was lucky to have some private space without anybody near me!


On the counter were placed a few bottles of sake called “Tege-Tege”. A gentleman who seemed to be a regular customer was enjoying his sashimi with some sake. Good for him to be able to afford the time and luxury. Unfortunately, most of us are too busy for that kind of lunch in this modern life…

A wallet friendly secret menu on weekdays only: “Maguro-butsu-don” (600 yen)

As I sat at the counter, the waitress brought me a teapot full of iced green tea and a glass. I got so thirsty while waiting and I emptied the glass in one gulp.


I ordered the secret menu “Maguro-butsu-don”, a bowl of rice with chunks of maguro (tuna) on top. Generously priced 600 yen, and even comes with a bowl of miso soup.

After ten minutes, it’s ready!

It’s more substantial that I imagined it to be. So much maguro that the rice beneath isn’t even visible! The wasabi and gari (sweet-vinegared ginger) in the middle. Umm, very appetizing.



I tried the maguro first. The fresh and shining surface maguro tastes better than expected. Yummy!
And the rice. I thought it would be cold but was relived to find out that it was nice and hot!


The secret to the popularity

It being a maguro-butsu-don, I expected there to only be maguro. It was such a pleasant surprise to find shrimp hidden under!


The hot miso soup with cut up negi (Japanese onion) was not too strong, not too mild. Just perfect!


At about a third to my maguro-butsu-don, this time appeared ikura (salmon roe) and shirasu (young sardine) from underneath. I was so happy to the point that I could not refrain from smiling. I could tell the restaurant really wanted the customer to enjoy their meal and have a great time. I was moved!


The substantial maguro along with the big rice bowl was very satisfying. I’m proud to say I finished it entirely.
600 yen for such quality… no wonder the big line!
I heard that the maguro brokers come eat here too. Just proves how good this place is.


The mecca for Japanese cuisine: Tsukiji.
It is a place that has a very lively atmosphere with restaurants and stores calling out for customers. A major tourist location too.


Tsukiji, a great place to find new excellent restaurants. I will definitely back!

Basement floor of Lions Mansion Higashi-Ginza, 4-12-2 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
5 min walk from Tsukiji station
Mon-Sat Lunch Time 11:00~14:00
BAR Time 18:00~23:00, open from 17:00 with reservation
Sunday & National holidays
lunch ¥1,000~¥1,999 / dinner ¥6,000~¥7,999



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