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Redrock is famous for the reasonable piled up roast beef bowl. This place is really famous from men and women.


Piled up roast beef and steak bowl(meat topped onto rice) restaurant, where people line up!

Popular restaurant in Takadanobaba station, which there is always people line up, REDROCK.

I heard that the restaurant is new opened in Harajuku so today I will try!

Redrock is famous for the reasonable piled up roast beef bowl. This place is really famous from men and women.

Exit from Harajuku station and walk through Takeshita street, there is Redrock under BEAMS on Meiji street.

When I arrived at 13:00, there was still line.


But this much line is shorter than usual.
I decided to line.

Other than roast beef bowl, stake bowl is famous as well.
The word “VS” is written on the board.


During we were lining up, we looked at menu staff gave us.

There are menus like hamburg, curry though not many people would order.


After waiting for 15mins, I could arrive to the ticket machine in underground.
Faster than I thought.


I bought roast beef bowl ¥850.
Big size is plus ¥200.

If you order big size, meat will piled up as mountain.

However, since today is my first time, I ordered the normal one.

I added wasabi ¥500.

You cannot miss wasabi to go with roast beef!


After you buy, make line again and wait until staff usher you.

Finally, after waiting for 20 min in total, I could get inside!

Interior is modern. There are 48seats including table and counter seats.



There is a caw ornament in front of my seat.


Water is self-service.

Roast beef bowl arrived in 5mins after I get seat.

That was fast!


Gorgeously piled up roast beef is pink and looks delicious!

Onsen egg (egg slow-boiled so that the yolk is hard but the white is still soft) is on the top.

When I break it with chopsticks, Onsen egg run down on the meat.

This looks so good.


Put plenty of wasabi.


Let’s start♡


So soft!
Meat is sooooo soft!

Low fat meat is light and I can eat a lot.
Sweet-spicy sauce is on and it is a taste the young would like!

Sour of special yogurt sauce is tasty.
Many kinds of flavors come into my mouth.


I really like this yogurt sauce taste but there might be people who don’t like the taste.

Rice is cooked perfectly.
Sauce tangles in nicely warm rice.

Meat is heavier than it looks.
I am really full now!


Customer next to me was having steak bowl and it looked really good too.
Very rare meat are richly on.

I would like to try steak bowl next time!

Tons of roast beef for this price!
Now I know why this place is so famous.

There are kinds of bottle wine and beer.
So you can come here for drink, too.

Please visit here when you come to Harajuku!

REDROCK Harajuku store
3-25-12, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
7mins from Meijijingumae station
8mins from Harajuku station
Lunch¥~999, Dinner~¥1,000~¥1,999


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