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If you want to enjoy delicious Sashimi, go to Nodapin.Get off at Seibu Shinjuku Station and walk towards Shin-okubo for 3 minutes you’ll see Nodapin.


Former Sushi Master Serving Delicious Sushi in an Izakaya

If you want to enjoy delicious Sashimi, go to Nodapin.

Get off at Seibu Shinjuku Station and walk towards Shin-okubo for 3 minutes you’ll see Nodapin.


I fell in love with this restaurant when I came here for the first time.

Since then, I’ve come here so many times.

It’s always better to make a reservation in advance.

Go to the third floor.


It was still before 6 o’clock so it wasn’t that crowded…but most of the seats were already reserved.

There is about 7 tables (4 people for each), Zashiki seats, and counter seats.




I got Chuu-nama (medium-sized draft beer).

My friend got Dai-nama (large draft beer).

I don’t think you can tell from the picture but Dai-nama is actually HUGE!!

There’s no appetizer so right when I got alcohol, I decided to order some snacks!

The master used to work as a Sushi master so his Sashimi is high quality.

I always order Sashi-mori.


a portion for one person is pretty big so if you want to enjoy other menus, order Ichininmae (a portion for one person) and share.

This is Sashi-mori.


Sashimi is cut so thick! You can enjoy the texture.

It was fresh and the texture… the sweet taste of the fatty meat… it was just AMAZING.

It’s so special! I always order this when I come here.

Next is globefish Nigiri (sushi).


The globefish is so thick too!

It has some Yuzu pepper on it.

Put a little soy sauce….and

Itadakimasu! (this is an expression of gratitude before meals)



I felt very luxurious!!

Globefish is usually thinly sliced and we eat it with Ponzu.

But globefish here is thick and you can taste the rich and firm taste of globefish.

A lot of satisfaction with this!!

It goes so well with alcohol!


While I was drinking Nodapin original Shochu (distilled liquor), Gyu-nikomi (simmered beef) arrived!


Beef tendon was so soft, and it had a lot of tofu and leeks in it.

I think I need some more alcohol!


Don’t forget Karaage (fried chicken).

Karaage here comes in large size, so it’s better to order half-size.

This is half-size.


It still looks pretty big!

Karaage is usually juicy in the inside but here, they use a lot of potato starch so it has more firm texture.
The taste of soy sauce is so addicting!

I always end up eating so much!

Here comes Anagomaki (Conger sushi rolls)


The sweet sauce and soft conger…. it was SO GOOD!

The cucumber is crunchy!

Ahhh!! This texture!!

I am sure all the kids and foreigners would love the taste!

Last but not least, the restaurant’s speciality, Sea Urchin Hoto Pasta.


The rich taste of Sea Urchin cream and noodle come with salmon roe, seaweed!

I hear a lot of people actually come to eat this!

The firm taste of Sea Urchin and the chewy noodle… is too good!

I can’t go home without eating this!

Thumbs-up for all the meals I had today. I went to the cashier.

I love the staffs here. The lady told me “you eat a lot! Please come again!”

And I almost said…

“I’ll come again tomorrow!” I was so tempted to say this!

It is my No. 1 Izakaya spot in Shinjuku!

2-45-7 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
1-minute from Nishi-shinjuku Station



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