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Kuimono-Ya RAKU

Izakaya? Cafe? Kuimono-ya RAKU is a Japanese Izakaya which offers set meals, and Japanese dishes. But surprisingly, they also have Italian menus, which are quite popular at RAKU. Please enjoy the mixture of Japan and Western atmosphere♡


Significant Kyu-shu cuisine! Delicious Cold Soup made by Fish-dashi

Walking for a couple of minutes from Shinsen station, there is a Kyu-shu restaurant called “Kuimono-ya”.

This restaurant serves carefully selected “Satsuma Chiran Dori”, a special chicken brand grown in Satsuma area of Kyu-shu.
That’s the main dish of Kuimono-ya Raku.


There are a lot more kinds of dishes at dinnertime, such as roasted chicken, chicken chazuke (rice soaked by green tea and topped chicken).
That’s why there are repeated customers who love meal at Raku.

But I recommend you to visit at lunchtime too!
There are special set menus that has good volume and taste such as grilled free-range chicken set meal, cold shabu-shabu set meal…
The cozy inside of the restaurant is always packed with people at lunchtime.



I was shown into the counter seat this time.
It was hard to decide what to choose.. I really wanted to try cold shabu-shabu set meal.. but finally made up my mind to have “Today’s lunch set”.

The menu of “Today’s special” was cold soup set menu.
Let me explain what is “Cold soup(Hiya-jiru)” in Japanese.
Hiya-jiru is a kind of Ochazuke (rice soaked by green tea).
We pour the delicious iced soup, cooled by mackerel and miso, over the rice to eat it.

There are many ingredients inside of the soup, such as mackerel, cucumber, perilla, sesame, and ginger. It’s very refreshing.

In addition, we can choose another bowl of side dish from “green salad”, “potato salad”, “Natto(ferment soy beans)”, “tofu”, “soft boiled egg” and “curry”.
I chose potato salad♡
Waiting for 10 minutes… I got cold soup set menu!!


It feels cool just by its looking!
I was so excited to taste them♡

Let’s begin with.. pouring the cold soup into rice.. and mix-mix-mix♡


DONE! Yay!


Delicious mild taste of mackerel seizes my mouth instantly.
I also loved the seasoning, the smell of perilla and ginger, texture of sesame was just perfect with the rice!
This dish would be very nice to have on hot summer day to cool yourself down.
And “chicken-nanban” (fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce) came with!


A plenty of tartar sauce was topped, crunchiness of batter and juicy chicken.
Everybody, from kids to elderly people would love this taste for sure! It’s just yummy!
And potato salad was good too.


It is such a pleasure to have chance to choose from a lot of sided dish.
I didn’t have miso soup this time since I ordered cold-soup set.
But lunch set menu has rice and miso soup which are able to refill and have another bowl for free♡
Good for starved lunch time!

It’s all gone! Thanks for the delicious meal♪

Kuimono-ya RAKU
1F, West Building, 19-12, Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
1 minute walk from Shinsen Station (Keio-Inogashira Line)
7 minutes walk from Shibuya Station (JR)
11:30~14:30 / 18:00~25:00(L.O.24:00)
Japanese Set Meal, Izakaya
Lunch ~¥999 / Dinner ¥3,000~¥3,999



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