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The famous Okonomiyaki restaurant “Hasshou” in Hiroshima opened their second store in Kyoudou, Tokyo.Okonomiyaki is a Japanese vegetable pancake.


The famous Okonomiyaki restaurant “Hasshou” in Hiroshima opened their second store in Kyoudou, Tokyo.Okonomiyaki is a Japanese vegetable pancake. The dough is made of flour, meat or seafood, savory vegetables, and other your favorite ingredients. And cooked on Teppan, heated iron pan. It is a traditional Japanese meal eaten since 1560s, and popular especially in Kansai area (west Japan).
The restaurant locates in second floor of a building but the entrance is very cramped and hard to find.


Sign of “Hasshou”

The building stands right hand side of Noudai-street. Please walk a few minutes from Kyoudou station along Noudai-street. They take reservation but it is very hard to book since they are very popular and sometimes their reservation is full over a month.
This made me keen on visiting Hasshou more♪
It opens at 5 pm, but people start to make a queue before 5 on weekends. However, you might be able to just hop in, depending on the situation. Please try to visit♪
In my case, I visit there at 6 pm on weekdays and did not have to wait for a seat!!
Actually, I have been this restaurant for many times, and know the master and his wife. We enjoy talking over the counter. The wife is very social and being an attraction of the restaurant.


Cheerful wife as always!;)

I ordered “Nikomi”, a Japanese stew with a lot of innards of chicken, tofu, and vegetables to start, because it takes 15 to 20 min to cook delicious okonomiyaki. Shitimi chili seasoning goes well with the stew♪


Well soaked strew with wonderful taste

My noodle okonomiyaki is getting ready on teppan, hot iron pan. I was so excited while I was waiting it to be cooked.


Topped with Okonomiyaki sauce and green dried seaweed

The wife cuts okonomiyaki skillfully for you♪ This makes me super excited!! The scent of sauce and dried seaweed is amazing!!


Zoomed in okonomiyaki

You can put Otafuku Okonomiyaki sauce and Mayo as much as you like, and… take a bite!! This is the happiest time for me to have hot first bite… inside of okonomiyaki is like this.


All ingredients are well balanced each other

Hiroshima okonomiyaki has tons of cabbage inside. But it gets flat as being hit by a turner many times on heated iron pan.
You may think “ok, I can eat this easily” by the sight, but it is much bigger than you think of. If you eat okonomiyaki for the first time, you may tend to order too much. It would be better to share with your company or order small one if you are small eater.

Anyway, okonomiyaki from hot iron pan is much much delicious than from plates!!

2nd floor of HARADA building, 1-21-18 Kyodou, Setagayaku, Tokyo
2min walk from Kyoudou station
17:00~24:00(Sunday 17:00~23:00)



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