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Here I am in Asakusa, the mecca of Japanese cuisine. I’m actually surprised when I realized that I had never even heard of “gyu-katsu” (beef cutlet). Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and chicken katsu are pretty standard menus.


Not pork, not chicken, but “beef katsu”

Here I am in Asakusa, the mecca of Japanese cuisine. I’m actually surprised when I realized that I had never even heard of “gyu-katsu” (beef cutlet). Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and chicken katsu are pretty standard menus. I definitely wanted to try this gyu-katsu. I wanted to see what it was like.


Although it is right in front of Asakusa Kaminarimon, you can easily miss this restaurant as it is situated in the basement. But I actually saw a couple of tourist groups looking at the place, so maybe it appears on a guidebook or something.


They have Korean and English menus. Helpful for tourists!


The staircase to the basement was vey narrow and there were a few people waiting on the stairs. It was 12:30 pm… I should have got there earlier…


My mind wanders as I look at the gyu-katsu picture on the menu… I’m so curious to know what it’s like!


The people in line were a Korean couple and a solo customer. The staircase was so narrow, I tried to flatten myself against the wall to let pass the customers that were leaving. It’s tiring, but I can endure anything for good food!


Whoa! If you’re an extra big eater, you might want to try the optional menus: Double, Triple and Kaminarimon.


I looked at the menu while waiting in line. Hmm, wonder what to get. I absolutely need to get “tororo” (grated Chinese yam) to go with the “mugimeshi” (bowl of rice boiled with barley). I hadn’t made up my mind yet when I was guided into the restaurant.


Small space but fast rotation

I saw the staff working busily from the little window on the entrance door.


Unfortunately, no take-away. Probably because they want to make sure you taste it while it’s fresh and warm.


I was taken to the left end seat of the counter. Of course, it’s Asakusa, lots of goods to boost your business luck… and a Rubik’s cube? So you have something to occupy yourself with while waiting, perhaps.


Only nine seats at the counter in this very small restaurant. It’s pleasant to see the staff working efficiently.


Placed neatly on the counter are rock salt, sauce and soy sauce.


I very much enjoyed the cold tea, as I got thirsty waiting in line. Nice and refreshing.

My first experience of “Gyu-katsu Mugimeshi Tororo Set”

Talking with the staff, I decided on the “Gyu-katsu Mugimeshi Tororo Set”. Only a few minutes of waiting and here it is! My first gyu-katsu set ever.


The waitress was very kind and explained to me how to eat it. For the gyu-katsu, wasabi, rock salt and sauce. The medium-dark sauce is for the sliced cabbage. If the sauce is not for you, don’t worry, they also have dressing.


Fried in hot temperature, the batter is crispy, but the inside is still medium rare. The katsu is thinly cut into twelve pieces, and looks wonderful!


The miso soup uses red dashi (soup stock) and has sliced radish. It reminds me of my mother’s cooking. The rock salt is very pretty too.


First, I want to try the gyu-katsu with lots of wasabi! I thought it would be like a steak texture, but no, it’s very soft and light. It feels like it’s melting in my mouth. Yummy!
Ad first sight it looks substantial, but it’s actually very light, so it’s also good for non-big eaters.


Next, with the wasabi and sauce. Also good! But I think I might’ve put too much wasabi. The flavor stings in my nose…


I enjoyed the katsu, now on to the mugimeshi with tororo. Definitely get the tororo with your rice. It only costs 100 yen more too. A few drops of soy sauce on the tororo, and then the tororo on to the rice. How can this not be delicious? Mugimeshi and tororo are the perfect combo.
By the way, second servings of rice is free.


Next, the gyu-katsu with wasabi and rock salt. It adds another layer to the flavor and is also delicious. I love how you can combine different seasonings. Find your favorite flavor!


The counter is pretty narrow, but it wasn’t unpleasant, as everybody concentrated on eating and then left when they were done.



At a great sightseeing location, and bigger value than what you pay for

There isn’t great variety in the menu, only serving meal sets, but the quality is amazing for the reasonable price. The friendly and kind staff work to provide a pleasant atmosphere and an efficient rotation of customers. “Asakusa Gyu-katsu”, without question more satisfying than the average tonkatsu restaurant. I of course finished everything; it’s too good to leave over!


To be honest, I don’t really want to share this good a restaurant with other people. Who would’ve imagined a reasonable restaurant that serves gyu-katsu? Well now that you know, don’t miss out on this place on your visit to Asakusa.

Basement floor of Kaminarimon Murakami Building, 2-17-10 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo
2 min walk from Exit 1 Asakusa station
Weekdays 11:00~23:00 (Last order 22:30), Sat 11:00~22:00 (Last order 21:30), Sun & Holidays 11:00~21:00 (Last order 20:30)
No Holidays
Tonkatsu , japanese set meal



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