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Beautiful Gold Fish! Art Aquarium

Art Aquarium comes around 5th year in 2015. This aquarium definitely overwhelms you with brilliant colored water tank, full of Japanese goldfish. There are over 5,000 goldfish in total, and they welcomes you with active swim!♡


Great Spot for Summer! Beautiful Art Aquarium!



Art Aquarium is a summer time event, holding in Nihonbashi.
This event started 5 years ago, and becoming more popular and more magnificent every year!
Nihonbashi is close to Asakusa and Sky tree. So, if you have extra 2 hours in that area, why don't you visit Art Aqualium?


The Art of Goldfish in Tokyo, Hiroshima and Italy!

This event in Nihonbashi started July 10th and continues till September 23rd in 2015.
The same event is holding in Hiroshima too!
From July 25th to September 6th!
Furthermore, Art Aquarium made a trip to Europe this year! Italy!
From May 29th to August 23rd 2015.

Let me introduce inside♡


When you first enter the aquarium, you will see a wall full of colorful lightening. There are many kinds of goldfish inside.
There are also explanation signs along the water tank both in Japanese and English.
Kids can also learn about Japanese gold fish at this aquarium;)


There is a big hall inside, full of colorful, various shaped water tank.
And there are different kinds of fish inside.
They are swimming actively, adding shine by reflecting the lightning.
This day was a normal weekdays, before summer holidays. But the aquarium was packed by so many people.
There were many people from overseas too!

5,000 of Goldfish Welcomes You!




There were over 500 thousand people visited art aquarium in a season last year.
The aquarium opens at 11:00am till 23:30(last admission is at 23:00pm).
The entrance fee in ¥1,000 for adult and ¥600 for kids(under primary school), and free for infant (under 3).
You need to buy a ticket of the day at the entrance.
Or, you can buy ticket at convenience store (Seven-Eleven) in advance.
But it may be difficult if you cannot read Japanese to buy tickets at a convenience store.



If you want to enjoy at night, there is "Night Aquarium" which starts at 19:00-23:30pm.
You can enjoy watching beautiful goldfish with a glass of drink in hand at Night Aquarium♡


This water tank uses the latest technology.
As fish swims, flowers on the back screen blooms!
They are using the similar technology with touch screen, but applied to the movement of fish!
The music and graceful swimming of shinning goldfish was just overwhelming♡

Nihonbashi is close to many sightseeing spot in Tokyo.
It is only a few minutes walk from Tokyo station, and also close to Ginza.
Asakusa and Sky Tree is not that far away too!
If you are visiting Tokyo in summer time, July to September, Art Aquarium is one of my enthusiastically recommended place in Tokyo!
You are able to feel the refreshing air of Japanese culture and see brilliant goldfish!♡

5th Floor Mitsui Hall Koredo Muromaci
2-2-1 Muromachi, Nihonbashi, Chuou-ku, Tokyo
1 minute walk from Mitsukoshimae station(Ginza line and Hanzo-mon line)
from 10th July to 23th September
11:00~23:30(23:00 is the last admission)



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