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Top 5 Japanese Convenience Stores and Their Advantages!

Japanese convenience stores are one of the Japanese facility&culture that we can proud of♡ This report introduce you the difference, characteristic and must-buy products at 5 top convenience stores in Japan.


Hi, I would like to introduce you incredible Japanese convenience stores in this report.
There are heaps of things that I want to tell you, so please spare some time to read:)
If you are traveling in Japan, literally there is no way of not using convenience stores!
They are loved by all people in Japan, and of course, people from overseas too while they are on the trip! Let's have a look!

What is the Difference of Japanese Convenience Stores?

You definitely will see hundreds of convenience stores on your trip.
Actually, there are over 50,000 stores in Japan run by over 60 different companies.
Basically, there is not much difference, I would say.haha
But sometimes people has their favorite brand, depending on the quality of products, services, varieties..etc.
Let me introduce some of the famous ones.

Close and Convenient, Seven-Eleven



Seven-Eleven is the biggest, and the first convenience store in Japan.
There are over 18,000 stores all around Japan.
Seven-Eleven is a king of convenience stores and also a synonym of it.



Seven-Eleven is also a good place to have a tea time.
They invested great amount of money and started selling delicious coffee and doughnuts ¥100 yen recently♡
I love convenience store! They sell good quality of food with low prices.



"Kin-no-shokupan"(Golden Bread) is one of the most popular products at Seven-Eleven.
Their prices are ¥125 for 2 slices of bread. It is a little expensive compared to bread at convenience stores.
Nevertheless, it was sold over 15,000,000 in 4 months!
I tried it before, and its taste, texture and smell are just like from high-classed bakery without a compliment.
Why don't you buy it on your way back home, and have it in the morning?

A Station of Your Town, Lawson



LAWSON! I used to work as a part time at Lawson!
So, if you have any question, let me know:D haha
Lawson comes after Seven-Eleven. There are about 12,000 stores.
Their concept is "a station of your town". And their products are well considered about nutrition and beauty.
That's why Japanese office ladies and girls likes to buy food at Lawson.
Their sweets are also delicious, and often be on TV commercials.



Premium Roll Cake at Lawson is the most famous sweets at Lawson.
They are using fresh creamy whip and Japanese famous flour brand, "Housouin" for sponge.
I used to eat this premium roll cake every week as my treat!
Your home becomes a cafe with only ¥153. I recommend you to try it♡



My recommendation at Lawson is definitely "Karaage-Kun", fried chicken ball.
Karaage-Kun is one of the loss leader and long-hit product at Lawson.
The crunchy outside and soft chicken brings happiness in your mouth!haha
There are many tastes, such as regular, cheese, chill hot, soy souse, 4 different pepper, tomato cream...etc.
They fry them right in the store, and keep them flesh in a special thermal box.

Fun and Flesh, Family Mart



Family Mart comes third in number. There are 14,000 stores in total.
Compared to Lawson, Family Mart is popular among men. Sweets at Family Mart are in bigger size compared to other stores.
"Oreno(Guy's) Sweets" series are very poplar at Family Mart, such as "Guy's Pudding" and "Guy's Tiramisù".


Pretty big, isn't it? They are over twice as big as normal one sold at convenience stores!



Oh, my. I love "Fami-Chiki" at Family Mart.
You may think fried chicken at convenience stores are too oily, sloppy and terrible.
Then, Fami-Chiki will overturn your image about food at convenience stores.
It is light, juicy, crunchy, and full of delicious flavor of chicken.
In addition, there is no bone to bother you.
It's only ¥170(tax included). Now, are you up to it?

The Best Satisfaction for You, Sunks



Sunks has about 6300 stores, especially urban areas of Kanto.
They cook delis at the store, and popular among house wives.

サンクス ポテサラ


They have all sorts of side dishes in a pack with around ¥100.
When you get sick of eating outside, why don't you buy them and eat at motels?

Make Yourself at Home, Mini-Stop



Mini-Stop has about 2000 stores, especially along a national high way.
So, if you are rentaling a car in Japan, you will see some on the road.
The number is small compared to other convenience stores, but they are favored by sweets lovers!
Mini-Stop's feature products are high quality of sweets, such as Sundae, parfait, frozen drinks and variety of soft creams!



Yes♡This peach parfait is only ¥350.
My dad took trouble to drive a car to get one. There is a cafe space in most of the stores, so that you can take a break when you get tired of driving a long way.

I love convenience store in Japan.
A lot of my friends from overseas surprise how clean and high quality the Japanese convenience stores are!
Oh, and here is the tip. Most of the convenience stores has bathrooms.
Let the clark know that you want to use before, and feel free to use it!

Enjoy your stay with Japanese real "convenient" stores!♡