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UNIQLO Ginza packs enough pleasure to enjoy more than a day of fun with shopping.Up-to-date items with low price, multilingual support and attentive services bring you experience transcend a mere shopping day.How would you like to add this to your list of must-visit places on a trip to Japan?


This is the World-Biggest UNIQLO GINZA♡


We know UNIQLO, we have UNIQLO. Right.right.
But UNIQLO Ginza brings a totally different experience that any other stores cannot guarantee.
It is the largest, global, and has No.1 assortment of goods in the world!
It's not surely a mere shop, it's a fashion amusement park♡

Up-to-date fashion, Price, Quality and Service.
UNIQLO is through in Everything


As you already now, UNIQLO is one of the most famous first fashion brand.
And according to the world news, it is evaluated greater than other fashion brand such as H&M and forever21 with its quality and price.

Girls, don't waste a fortune. Count on UNIQLO.


Their items are considered to be great tip for everyday coordinating.
Since they are in simple but high trended style, a lot of Japanese combine UNIQLO with high brand items.


Girl's wants "Today's Outfit", not "Everyday's Outfit".
UNIQLO realize girl's will♡
Please have a look at the picture. From the left (Boyish), middle (Girly-like), and right (Office casual) are accomplished by one UNIQLO item.

Girls, don't waste a fortune. Count on UNIQLO.

Price doesn't Equals at UNIQLO


Girls, what do you think Men wearing UNIQLO?
Actually, UNIQLO was considered to be a cheap fast fashion.
But UQNILO broke this idea in the last decade.
Now, it is viewed as high quality and up-to-date fashion.


Taking UNIQLO items in fashion is favored, as people consider them to not be uppish.
I reckon people wearing UNIQLO has high sense of apparel fashion.

Functional Items Created by the Latest Technology


What made UNIQLO so famous?
It's "Heat tech" in a several years ago, and now "Airism" in summer 2015.
Airism is loved, regardless of gender, age and nationality.
Quick dry, and ultra-fine fibers for an ideal inner layer that feels as light as air.
UNIQLO offers great functional items and support people from coldness and hotness depending on the season.
Of course, I am wearing it now.

Yukata Designed by an Eminent Artists


UNIQLO produced Yukata (Traditional Wearing in Summer) designed famous Japanese artists.
Don't be surprise, their price is only ¥6000 included Yukata, and two different types of Obi(belt).
As for children's Yukata, they set ¥3000 for colorful girl's Yukata.
This is the only place you can purchase "High designed Japanese traditional wearing".
Of course, it will be on the list, right♡?

12 floors × 400 manikins × Multilingual Support


Now, let me introduce more about special Ginza store.
It is a 12 storied building, with 400 manikins and has the greatest varieties of goods in the world.
Staff are well-trained and wears name tag printed with languages they can manage.


This is the world-biggest UT speciality floor.
UT is a corroborated items with characters and arts loved over the world.
They are enough to pleasure and you surely can find "the one you want".


Yea, don't mixed up with Disney land♡haha
We are in UNIQLO Kids Baby floor right now.
UNIQLO deals with baby wear and toys for the first time with confidence.


UNIQLO Ginza packs enough pleasure to enjoy more than a day of fun!
How would you like to add this to your list of must-visit places on a trip to Japan?

1-12F, Ginza Komatsu East building, 6-9-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
4 minute walk from Ginza Station(A2 exit)
No holidays

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