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Don Quixote Shinjuku East

Don Quixote is like a miniature of whole town. They have over 45,000 items in one store! Especially Shinjuku East has variety of goods which are loved by people from foreign countries. This is the king of "Convenience+Discount+Amusement" store in Japan♡


What can we buy at Don Quixote? A Miniature of a Town?

Hi~! I will take you to the brief tour in Don Quixote Shinjuku East store in this report!
I have been to this store several times. There are so many things to introduce you.
So please follow me♡


This is the entrance of Don Quixote Shinjuku East.
Tons of goods are piled up to outside.
This store has 6 floors, full of goods, products, groceries, which are sold in department store with overwhelming low prices!
Let's go inside!

This is Why Girls counts on Don Quixote♡




Girls love Don Quixote!
They have pretty much every cosmetic products with lowest prices.
In other words, if you cannot find one you want at Don Quixote, other stores would not have it as well.
I can spend hours in one cosmetic floor of Don Quixote.

There are a lot of customers from overseas who wants to buy Japanese quality products, with the lowest price.

Girls, you cannot miss it♡

Sweets Paradise! Matcha! Matcha! Matchaaaa♡


Don Quixote has huge area of sweets, candies, cookies, rice crackers,and Japanese traditional snacks with discounted prices!
Their assortment of snacks are just great.
They also have snacks from other countries. You might see sweets from your country too.


Yay! We Love Macha♡
Matcha Kit kat, Matcha aero, Matcha Pocky, Matcha Apolo...hmm, yum.
Japanese Matcha sweets are very popular. A lot of foreign customers fill up baskets with delicious matcha snacks♡

Love Hello Kitty? Doraemon? Ghibli?
We Do Have Them!




If you are a big fan of Japanese characters and animations, Don Quixote is the right place to find their goods.
They have character sections in a floor and sells variety of goods.
Sanrio, Disney, Ghibli, Draemon, Funassyi are very popular among Japanese, but also people from other countries♡

Kidding? Do They Sell a Toilet?!


Yes! They do sell a toilet.haha
Actually, a toilet seat is one of the popular products especially customers from China.
Japanese toilet seat has bidet function(washlet).
They are normally sold in Home electronic stores such as "Yondobashi-Camera", "Yamada Electronics", and "Big camera".


There are a lot of Rice Cooker too. They also have a variety of quality of rice cooker depending on prices.
Most of them are tax-free products and have multilingual support too!

Don't take trouble going Home electronic stores. They are at Donki!

Bring a way to Beauty with You♡



Don Quixote also has beauty home electric appliances too.
Including hair dryer, curler, straightener, there are steaming skin care, small face correction goods, hot eyelash curler, massage machine and lots more.
Of course, most of them are produced to use in foreign countries. No worries about voltage difference.


How was your Don Quixote tour?
They offer you the same quality of products with department stores, with the lowest price.
Don't worry about buying too much! Because they also have point card system, airport delivery services, and multi-current payment services too!

Please have a look at special contents. There is a column about Don Quixote services for tourists♡

Thank you for having tour with me!

Don Quixote Shinjuku East
1-16-5, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
5 minute walk from Shinjuku Station
24 hours
No Holiday
Cosmetics, Drug Store,Fashion, Home electronics, Other



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