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Apple Store Shibuya

Apple Store locates on Kouen-douri, Shibuya. The store is crowded with people to try the newest technology. Why don't you browse your new Apple buddy, or purchase accessories? They will be very helpful♡


Compact Apple Store in Shibuya


I assume you are visiting Shibuya to see famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing.
There are only three Apple direct management store in Japan, and Shibuya is one of the three.
It is located along "Kouen-doori"(Kouen street).
Please walk toward right, by standing station on your back.
You will see Marui department store, and long the street, there is an Apple Store Shibuya on your right hand side.

スクリーンショット 2015-08-13 15.51.06

This store is smaller than ones in Ginza and Omotesando, but always crowded with people who wants to try new products and people from overseas.


This is inside of the store.
Apple Store Shibuya has a lot of Apple Accessories than other stores.
According to the reports of customers, this store is easy to book for Genius Bar (desk for repair).
Same as other Apple Stores, it is also popular among Asian tourist to buy Apple products.


Because of the size of store, the number of devices and staffs are also smaller than other stores.
But the quality of services are the same anywhere in Apple Store. Cheerful, and helpful.

What is Hot in Apple Store?


Well, Apple keep producing new products every season.
I am also one of Apple lovers who is looking forward to see the new products♡
Of course, computer devices are expensive and cannot buy every new ones.
But it's worth looking and trying the new technology at Apple Store!


Did you know that Macbook Pro is the best selling Apple computer?
Macbook series are popular among students to business man since they are suitable for portable PC.
People who have Macbook Air has another Laptop or computers like iMac at home.
Because Macbook Air doesn't have CD/DVD-ROM, SD memory card adapter, and slower processor, people prefer Macbook Pro.

Of course, it is twice heavier than Macbook Air, but the performance of Macbook Pro is said to be corresponded with desktop computers.

The prices of Macbook Pro are as follows...
13 inches ¥126,800+tax
13 inches (Retina display) ¥148,800+tax
15 inches (Retina display) ¥224,800+tax


Forget to bring iPhone charger to Japan?
Apple Store has any kinds of Apple accessories without question.

iPhone Charger USB cable ¥2,200+tax
Adaptor(Japanese Power Plug) ¥2,200+tax
Macbook Air/Pro PC Charger ¥9,500+tax
Wireless Keyboard ¥18,800+tax

Other Popular Products♡



i watch

Every Apple products are so elegant, stylish, practical, and most of all, they become your partner in private and business.
Why don't you visit Apple Store in Shibuya and browse your new buddy?♡

Apple Store Shibuya
Kouen-Douri building, 1-20-9, Jinnan,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
5 minute walk from Shibuya Station
No Holiday
Home electronics



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