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Apple Store Ginza

Apple Store Ginza is the first Apple management store, and also known as the busiest Apple store in Japan. There are more Asian tourist than Japanese shoppers on weekdays, so feel free to visit and shop for Apple! You can pick up, touch, try and choose the one you like♡


The First Apple Store in Japan in Ginza

Welcome to Ginza!

I know.. There are too many fantastic high brand stores in Ginza.
But why don't you step into Apple Store Ginza?
It is the busiest Apple store in Japan, and also popular among tourist from Asian countries.

Let's Have a Look Inside♡

apple 銀座1


Apple Store Ginza is the most popular Apple store in Japan.
  It locates right in west side of Ginza Station (Subway), and the trade mark of "Big Apple" sign catches people in Ginza.
This Apple store is sometimes on TV news.When the latest Apple products come on sale, people make a huuuuuge queue from 2 days before!



There are Mac devices, iPhones, Apple Watch, iPod and other devices in the ground floor.
You can pick up, touch, try and feel Apple products.
The reason why this store is so busy, especially on the weekend, is their careful instruction and advices toward the customers.
Not only they have special knowledge on Apple products, but they are able to speak different languages.Their kind support charms people all over the world.



Free Workshop of Apple Products?

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Apple Store holds free workshop in almost every stores regularly.
If you have Apple ID, you can book on the internet to take a lecture.
They have lectures for business person to make full use of Mac, junior programs for kids to play with Apple devices, and one to one training as well!(¥9,800/Year)
If you are confident of Japanese, or wish to have personal training in other languages, I recommend you to take this programs!

What is Hot in Apple Store?



Well, Apple keep producing new products every season, but what is popular in Japanese Apple store is definitely, iPhone, Macbook, and iPad.

i watch


Apple Watch has been on sale since April 2015.
There were a lot of people lining up to try Apple Watch in Apple Store in Ginza.
Apple Watch adopted the newest technology to make impossible possible!
There are three types of Apple Watch, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition.
They are classified by uses, users, function, and prices.
In addition, there are many types of displays and watchband you can choose.
Pick the one you like, and try it♡
  The price of Apple Watch varies, from ¥42,800+tax (Apple Watch Sport) to ¥1,880,000+tax (Apple Watch Edition)



iPad has been wining the popularity for several years.
Because of its convenience to carry, some people change their first computer from Macbook Air/Pro to iPad.
iPad Air2 and iPad mini3 are the up-to-the-minute products.
There are wireless keyboard to connect it.
Now you know, people don't bother with the weight of laptop in nowadays.

And their prices are quite reasonable compared to laptop.
The price of iPad Air2 are as follows...
16GB ¥53,800 +tax
64GB ¥64,800 +tax
128GB ¥75,800 +tax
The price of iPad mini3 are as follows...
16GB ¥42,800 +tax
64GB ¥53,800 +tax
128GB ¥64,800 +tax





Every Apple products are so elegant, stylish, practical, and most of all, they become your partner in private and business.

Why don't you visit Apple Store in Ginza and browse your new computer buddy♡

Apple Store Ginza
3-5-12 Saegusa-building Main building Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
2 minute walk from Ginza Station(Subway)
No Holiday
Home electronics



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