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Tokyo Somei Onsen “Sakura”

The interior of Tokyo Somei Onsen “Sakura” is reminiscent of a high-end “ryokan”, a Japanese style hotel, with its serene and relaxing atmosphere.


A “ryokan” like serene atmosphere


The interior of Tokyo Somei Onsen “Sakura” is reminiscent of a high-end “ryokan”, a Japanese style hotel, with its serene and relaxing atmosphere.
The main bathtub, made from white cedar, is unique due to its water that is kept at a mildly lukewarm temperature of 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit). By taking a fairly long bath in such temperature, you can expect a relaxing effect that also may help with sleep at night for people who may be struggling with it. It is also great for people seeking to relax their tired bodies, after days of sightseeing in Tokyo.
There are jaccuzis and a large sized sauna available, and for women, mist saunas and a “standing jacuzzi” is also available.

A silky bath for a silky skin?


The outdoor hot springs are definitely the highlight at this facility. The “silky bath” is said to have effects on the skin and the stone sauna uses a slab taken from “tenshoseki”, which is a rock that is said to be the only one of its kind found in Japan.

A slow atmosphere where you never run out of things to do

Chiropractics, beauty salons, hair salons... this facility has it all.
Once you’ve refreshed yourself in the bath, why don’t you take a rest in the break room? There is a salon and a common room, which can be used for free. In the common room, you can order drinks or light meals.
At the “relaxation room”, you can also enjoy a foot massage, although this room is only available to adults.

Stop by at this seasonal restaurant to finish off your Onsen experience


At the restaurant, you can choose between sitting at a table or at a “zashiki”, a Japanese tatami room in which you take off your shoes, and the menu is complete with Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes. “Yaki-soramame”, or grilled broad beans, is perfect with beer for those seeking to enjoy a bit of alcohol. Tempura using prawns, fishes, and seasonal vegetables, are crisp and savory.
At lunchtime, there is also a ladies lunch set, in which you can enjoy innovative French cuisine, which is rarely found in other Onsen facilities. To finish off the meal, you can order desserts such as shaved ice, parfait, or ice cream. This is a restaurant you can definitely enjoy whether you are with your family or friends.

Tokyo Somei Onsen “Sakura”
5-4-24 Komagome, Toyoshima-ku, Tokyo
8 minute walk from Sugamo station
No holidays
Adult 1296 yen
Child (above 3 year-old up until elementary school children) 756 yen

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