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Rakutenchi Spa

Tokyo Rakutenchi Spa is unique in that it is a spa facility that is specifically for men only.Aside from the natural hot springs, this facility houses a wide selection of baths, such as the “carbonated spring”


A unique men-only hot spring facility


Tokyo Rakutenchi Spa is unique in that it is a spa facility that is specifically for men only.
Aside from the natural hot springs, this facility houses a wide selection of baths, such as the “carbonated spring”, which is said to relieve neck/shoulder tension and to improve the blood circulation, or the “Bonatherm sauna”, which stimulates body metabolism and cleanse the body of internal waste products, or the “Yomogi steam sauna”, which uses a steamed yomogi, a type of Japanese medicinal herb, and increases perspiration.

The sauna experience is a must!

The unique selection of saunas are a definitely the highlight of this facility.
In the Bonatherm sauna, you get to experience roryu, which is a practice of pouring aroma water over the steaming sauna stone, producing steam and fragrant aromatic scent.
In addition, the staff uses a towel to send over the heat and the steam over to the customers, which is a service that you can experience for free. This service is done every hour from 11am to 1am in the morning on all weekdays, so there is no doubt that you will be able to sweat profusely and relax in the sauna.
Yomogi is a food that is familiar to the people of Japan, but at the same, it can also be used as a medicinal herb. The Yomogi steam sauna is said to be effective on the skin as well as for a diet.

A unique shampoo and body-washing service

There are a wide variety of services that are available for a fee, such as a body care service, foot massage, and akasuri, which is a form of massage where your skin is scrubbed with a rough cloth to remove the dead cells on the skin.
There is also an original service, called Senaka-nagashi, which literally translates to “back washing”. It is a full service package consisting of akasuri, body-washing, and even shampoo. You might be reluctant at first, but it is worth trying out!

Make use of the break room and the restaurant on the observation deck


After you’ve fully enjoyed your spa experience, you can watch TV at the break room on the observation deck, or use the “quiet” break room to take a quick snooze. You can also use the reading room, with full-flat beds complete with a reading lamp, or the “Internet corner” which you can enjoy for free.

At the restaurant on the observation deck, you can dine with a view of the Tokyo Skytree and also enjoy a cold glass of beer. There are morning menus as well as soba or a Japanese cuisine plate, but nothing is better than alcohol after sweating profusely in the sauna. Beer is a classic, but you also can’t miss the wide selection of shochu, or Japanese spirit.
To go along with your glass of alcohol, magurobutsu, or a tuna sashimi, thick slices of bacon, or miso-dengaku, a grilled konnyaku (jelly made from deveil’s-tongue starch) with miso, would be a perfect match.

Rakutenchi Spa
Rakutenchi building 9th floor, 4-27-14 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
1 minute walk from Kinshicho station
24h open except from 11pm on Sundays to 10am on Monday
No holidays
2400 yen(Men only)

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